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Viral, Multiplatform Ad Campaigns Rule Hollyw...


With the advent of Oscar season upon us, the spotlight shines even brighter on the entertainers and studios in Hollywood. And while much the “for your consideration” marketing efforts are centered around actors, writers and directors, the brilliance of the advertising … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: ‘Wreck-It RalphR...


“Despite nostalgia’s bittersweet rap and the oft-heard advice to live in the moment, studies suggest that the occasional detour down memory lane can give your spirits a significant lift,” says Marina Krakovsky in a 2006 article in Psychology Today. In … Continue reading

Music’s Increased Role in Advertising


An infectious beat, a attention-grabbing high note, something to grab a viewer’s attention and temporarily halt them in their tracks as they reach for the Guide button during their favorite program’s commercial break – that’s the old definition of music … Continue reading

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