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Timely Election Tie-Ins Big for Advertisers/M...


My affinity for all things 7-Eleven has been well documented here on The Duncan Daily. From the marketing greatness that is 7-Eleven Day to clever promotional tie-ins with entertainment properties like The Simpsons, I might enjoy the company’s advertising and … Continue reading

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From Customer to Brand Fan – Part Two


Creating brand advocates is a big part of a brand’s social media efforts. – Ted Rubin With social media, the opportunity to directly connect to consumers and engage in two-way conversation lends a tremendous hand in your company’s ability to … Continue reading

Minor League Baseball Hits Grand Slam With Ma...


When coming up with the seemingly perfect marketing campaign or promotion we’ve all been there – searching for that one idea that just screams YES. Some troll blogs, some read the trades, other just sit in silence and wait for … Continue reading

Never Let Go (Except for These Promotions)


Between Titanic’s recent re-release in 3D and the big screen adaptions of 21 Jump St. and The Three Stooges, Hollywood seems to be filled with remakes and rehashes these days. The appeal of past success isn’t lost in advertising or … Continue reading

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