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Strike a Pose: Heisman Hopeful, Brand Ambassa...


Viral videos, life-size cutouts, ten-story billboards, direct mailing pieces, custom logos and promotional collateral galore. If you’re looking for innovative marketing and PR campaigns with some real passion and spirit behind them, look no further than college football’s annual Heisman … Continue reading

FGCU’s Branding Boost from March Madness


Looking for your March Madness Cinderella story? Look no further than the darling Eagles of Florida Gulf Coast University. The first No. 15 seed to ever make it to the Sweet 16, the Eagles from Fort Myers, Florida take on … Continue reading

From Customer to Brand Fan – Part Two


Creating brand advocates is a big part of a brand’s social media efforts. – Ted Rubin With social media, the opportunity to directly connect to consumers and engage in two-way conversation lends a tremendous hand in your company’s ability to … Continue reading

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