Reaching out to Young Consumers


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Over a quarter of the population is under 19. The post-Millennial “Generation Z” will soon be entering the workforce and earning real purchasing power. More tech-savvy than previous cohorts and disillusioned with traditional corporate advertising, will you be ready to market to this rising group of consumers?


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Minority Report and the Future of Advertising



Before Steven Spielberg started filming Minority Report, he asked numerous scientists what they thought the world would look like in 2054, and put their ideas to film. We’ve still got some time before then, but new technologies in gesture-based control of our screens, iris-based retinal scanning, and targeted advertising are already taking hold in today’s world.

However, we still can’t predict what you’ll do before you’ll do it… or can we?


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Cause Marketing, Sponsorships & Customer...



“Customer loyalty comes from having a strong relationship with your customers,” says sales guru and blogger Geoffrey James.

“When they see you as a friend and ally, they’re reluctant to jump ship, even if it means they can get something a little cheaper.”

The ever-elusive customer loyalty can sometimes take years to create. Brands use traditional ad campaigns, public relations tactics and social media outlets to build goodwill and rapport with customers and prospective buyers.

Among the tried and true methods used to boost customer loyalty is cause marketing.


The Benefits of the Google Display Network


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Looking to engage your particular target market beyond an Adwords or Facebook ad campaign? Look no further than the Google Display Network (GDN).

The GDN is a relatively cost-effective solution – average cost-per-click of a GDN ad being just $0.75 – that can help greatly boost your visibility before a particular target market.


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