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Strike a Pose: Heisman Hopeful, Brand Ambassa...



Viral videos, life-size cutouts, ten-story billboards, direct mailing pieces, custom logos and promotional collateral galore. If you’re looking for innovative marketing and PR campaigns with some real passion and spirit behind them, look no further than college football’s annual Heisman campaigns.

The Heisman Memorial Trophy Award is given annually to the sport’s most outstanding player. Each year a panel comprised of sports journalists from all over the country, as well as previous recipients of the award, vote for the player they deem the most deserving. While the voting committee is urged to look solely at on-the-field performance, critics claim the process is more of a popularity contest than anything else. [more...]

Marketing to Mobile Users through Branded Gam...



A recent post from the folks at ClickZ looked at the future of mobile and smartphone gaming as it relates to advertising, marketing and branding.

Sure, mobile apps are already all the rage – just look at our earlier post on The Walking Dead‘s “Dead Yourself” app – but we’re talking games that deeply engage users, normally on a level beyond, for example, a photo app.

“One out of every five minutes on mobile is either spent with Facebook or Instagram,” says Simon Whitcombe, games lead at Facebook


Breaking Bad & Smartphone Apps to Raise ...



If you have a television or access to the internet, chances are you’ve watched or read about AMC’s Breaking Bad, the hilarious sitcom that follows the wacky hijinks of former chemistry teacher Walter White and his partner/former student Jesse Pinkman.

Just kidding, the show is a dark drama (with a hint of humor) that follows the aforementioned White and Pinkman as they descend further and further into darkness as meth dealers.


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Three Easy Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Vi...



This past May saw the introduction of Penguin 2.0, Google’s latest webspam algorithm. The goal of Google’s algorithm update is to better refine its search queries and provide higher-quality results for its users.

Ideally, the Penguin algorithm effectively distinguishes “white hat” SEO from “black hat webspam” – keyword stuffing, link schemes, etc.

The goal of many of our ranking changes is to help searchers find sites that provide a great user experience and fulfill their information needs. We also want the “good guys” making great sites for users, not just algorithms, to see their effort rewarded.  – Google, April 2012.


The Dichotomy of New Media: Distraction &...



Long before Facebook, Twitter and even MySpace, there was the mass media was divided into three chief categories: print, television and radio. Advertisers ran radio spots, put up billboards and turned the spotlight on celebrity spokespersons to shill their brands to consumers, listeners and viewers.

There was no DVR, no Netflix, no smartphone – there was very little to distract the prospective customer from the advertisements. DVR wasn’t introduced until 1999. Smartphones weren’t released until 1999-2000. Netflix Instant didn’t become popular until 2008.

In 2013, there are distractions and hurdles galore.


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