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With more and more users logging onto Facebook and Twitter everyday and new social networks popping up as well, it’s becoming critical that businesses maintain a strong, uniform message across all avenues.

So how are companies tackling the growing communication channels that new social networks and increased opportunities presented? Well, count on the folks at Oregon Athletics (they of the eccentrically amazing and dynamic football uniforms) to take things to the next level.


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Lessons in Branding from the London Games


With the Summer Olympics coming to a close, we may not have Lolo Jones or Ryan Lochte gracing our television sets every day, but we can at least look forward to them inevitably becoming spokespersons for Subway, McDonald’s, etc.

But as advertising and marketing professionals, what can we take away from the London Games, other than confirmation that Usain Bolt is very, very fast? Turn out, a whole lot. [more…]

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