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“Customer loyalty comes from having a strong relationship with your customers,” says sales guru and blogger Geoffrey James.

“When they see you as a friend and ally, they’re reluctant to jump ship, even if it means they can get something a little cheaper.”

The ever-elusive customer loyalty can sometimes take years to create. Brands use traditional ad campaigns, public relations tactics and social media outlets to build goodwill and rapport with customers and prospective buyers.

Among the tried and true methods used to boost customer loyalty is cause marketing.


The Benefits of the Google Display Network


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Looking to engage your particular target market beyond an Adwords or Facebook ad campaign? Look no further than the Google Display Network (GDN).

The GDN is a relatively cost-effective solution – average cost-per-click of a GDN ad being just $0.75 – that can help greatly boost your visibility before a particular target market.


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Three Social Media Marketing Nightmares for H...


Halloween, the date universally associated with fear, terror and men in whitewashed William Shatner masks with serious anger management issues. Since we don’t have any machete-wielding maniacs to worry about (not today, anyway), the closest thing to a nightmare we have here at Duncan/Day is an unfortunate tpyo typo or a varnish that might cause our postage print ink to run.

So in honor of it being Friday the 13th, I thought I’d shed a light on three of the most recent and most terrifying Social Media Marketing Nightmares. 


Press Releases, SEO & Reputable Backlinks



Press releases are traditionally used to disseminate important information to the public through various media outlets, often containing news on awards, employees, quarterly earnings or special product promotions.

While still vital in providing the public with company updates and generating awareness of a brand, recent years have seen press releases become critical part of SEO equation – and in turn, valuable tools in bringing prospective buyers through the purchasing process.


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