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Using Social Media Advertising & Retarge...



When looking to promote a common product used by most of the general public, a variety of advertising avenues are available to marketers as they attempt to pique the interest of prospective buyers – but in the quest to engage a more niche market, one has to do thorough research in finding effective mediums.

With Facebook and Twitter’s advanced retargeting capabilities, social networks offer unique advertising opportunities that can be especially advantageous in reaching very specific target markets.


Marketing Stunts & Experiential Marketin...



Social media and YouTube have brought about a new age of live marketing stunts and experiential marketing campaigns.

Advertisers and marketers have taken advantage of above-mentioned mediums to develop fun, engaging stunt-driven marketing and advertising campaigns – capturing it all on video and fostering sharing among web users.


Instagram Announces Advertising



Long devoid of any direct advertising, Instagram has not only become a booming online photo-sharing network with more than 150 million users – but it’s also emerged as an important medium that, because of its lack of ads, fosters creativity and an artistic eye from brands.

As images aren’t sponsored or promoted in any way beyond a follow, brands must be über creative in their presentation of content, allowing the engaging images to draw an audience themselves. It’s this unique environment that’s given us gems from brands like Nike, Red Bull, Adidas and Converse.


Color’s Role in Branding & Marketi...



With the recent introduction of the colored iPhone 5C, it’s almost as if the technology of the newest iPhone has taken a back seat to the colors of the model. Is the familiar sight of Apple’s brand blurred by the mere presence of a hot pink iPhone? Does the lime green stray too far from the company’s otherwise consistent branding?


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In Defense of Early Christmas Advertising



It’s mid September in Texas and tank tops and iced coffees are still all the rage. Walk outside of Duncan/Day Advertising’s offices in Plano and the temperature is a brisk 90º.

The idea of throwing on a Santa hat and sitting by a roasting fire is sure to make any Texan shudder. The holidays couldn’t seem further away, yet we’ve already got Christmas advertising campaigns rolling out.

But the warm weather here in Dallas hasn’t stopped Kmart. The national retailer debuted the year’s first holiday ad earlier this week – showcasing the store’s free layaway program. [more...]

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