Who are you? What do you do? How do you do it? What’s your specialty? What are your company’s beliefs, culture, goals and values?

It may seem a bit overwhelming, but answering each one of these questions is an integral part of developing your company’s brand.

At Duncan/Day we use our proven research and relationship-building process to help you answer all of these questions and create your brand. Our overarching goal is to carefully craft the most compelling and consistent brand experience for your audience.


Our professional, captivating graphic design work will ensure that your ads, collateral and logos won’t just pass the eye test, they’ll ace it. Our team has years of experience in developing all types of brochures, newsletters, billboards, point-of-sale materials and print ads.

The goal is to capture the consumer’s attention, drive them to your brand, and push them toward a purchasing decision. By creating eye-catching content, we surpass these goals. Our designs will deliver the highest quality collateral that is both compelling and engaging.

Online Marketing

In this constantly connected, wired world, a well-defined online strategy is critical to a business’s success. By looking at the websites most frequented by your customer base, we can develop an online strategy that will strengthen your visibility and online presence.

–Web Design & Development

The first thing we take a look at is your company’s website. An effective site is creative, engaging and informative at the same time. We can help you take your brand and transform it into a wholly functioning dot-com extension of your company, beautifully toeing the line of creativity and functionality. Our web development pros specialize in coding, CSS, HTML and JavaScript and can apply their years of experience to your site, ensuring that it boasts maximum efficiency.

We will consider SEO through every step of the process in order to present your company to anyone looking for the products and services you offer.

–Social Media

Your company’s social media presence is another important factor in online marketing. With over one billion users combined, Facebook and Twitter are growing more and more popular each day. Social media gives companies the incredible opportunity to participate in two-way conversations with consumers and gain valuable feedback. By taking a close look at your customers and competitors, our team can optimize your social media presence.

Once the profiles have been created and optimized, our team will create compelling content to post. With a social strategy as your roadmap of engagement, you’ll be able to keep a closer eye on industry trends, consumer habits and the long-term goals of your social media campaign.

–E-mail Marketing

Often times, e-mail marketing can be an integral part of an effective online strategy. With our e-mail marketing service, not only will we design a layout that will maximize readership and engagement, but also take a closer look at valuable metrics that will help us optimize your campaign.

–Banner and Search Ads

Banner and search advertisements are among the most effective and popular ways to promote your business’s catalog of goods and services. With creative copywriting and custom design, we’ll deliver a banner or search ad made specifically to capture the attention of your niche market.

Corporate Communications

Effective corporate communications uses both internal and external channels to convey your company’s message, values, and capabilities. Doing this requires a cohesive plan. Duncan/Day can create memorable presentations, craft important messages, and develop strategies for internal communication.

In order to develop the most effective strategy, we’ll first look at the methods you’re currently using to relay information to your employees, consumers, management and shareholders. We’ll then outline how best to maintain and support your company’s same message throughout all communication avenues and outlets.

Here are some of corporate communications functions our agency can help you with:

  • Training
  • Sales Meetings
  • Recruiting
  • Events
  • Sponsorships
  • Employee Incentive Programs
  • Packaging

    We design packaging that is functional, catches the consumer’s eye, and gives them relevant information about the product. With copy and graphic design that build on your existing brand, our team will create packaging that compels consumers to purchase your product.


    –Promotional Items & Fulfillment

    Through our custom creative and design processes, we’re able to develop the highest quality of promotional collateral that is engaging, unique and consistent with your company’s brand. After the creative process has met all of your standards, we will oversee the sourcing, production and delivery of all of your promotional pieces.

    With our wealth of experience and working partnerships, we can ensure your company receives the highest quality logistical coordination and inventory management.

    –Trade Shows

    Our goal for your trade show is to maximize your exposure and boost your interaction with show attendees. From pre-show hype to post-show follow up, we will take care of all your trade show needs. We will design eye-catching booths, make engaging giveaways, and create effective pop-ups. If needed, we can also source talent for your show.


    Need some quick copy for an ad? How about a few lines for a promo piece? Fresh social media content? We can provide you with any type of copy you might need. We’ll take a close look at your company’s brand to ensure that the copy we develop falls directly in line with your company’s current voice.

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