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Print Advertising is NOT Dead


It’s not difficult to find marketing professionals who will tell you that print advertising is dead. The idea that online marketing killed traditional publishing runs rampant, and it’s easy to see why. Magazines and newspapers around the world are cutting … Continue reading

by Mackenzie Maxwell | posted | in Advertising & Marketing

Alz. Research is Underfunded and You Can Help


 Imagine an epidemic affecting the brains of 5.2 million Americans, leaving no survivors. What if this disease devastated families financially and emotionally? Think about what would happen if this disease cost the country hundreds of billions of dollars every year. … Continue reading

by Stacey Day | posted | in Off Topic

Helpful Organization Apps


Technology can be productivity’s greatest enemy. You could spend countless hours browsing Facebook, playing Candy Crush, and scrolling through Pinterest. However, the right apps could actually increase your productivity. With the rise of smartphones in the workplace, there is huge … Continue reading

by Mackenzie Maxwell | posted | in Mobile Apps

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