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Three Social Media Marketing Nightmares for H...


Halloween, the date universally associated with fear, terror and men in whitewashed William Shatner masks with serious anger management issues. Since we don’t have any machete-wielding maniacs to worry about (not today, anyway), the closest thing to a nightmare we … Continue reading

Press Releases, SEO & Reputable Backlinks


Press releases are traditionally used to disseminate important information to the public through various media outlets, often containing news on awards, employees, quarterly earnings or special product promotions. While still vital in providing the public with company updates and generating … Continue reading

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Using Social Media Advertising & Retarge...


When looking to promote a common product used by most of the general public, a variety of advertising avenues are available to marketers as they attempt to pique the interest of prospective buyers – but in the quest to engage … Continue reading

Marketing Stunts & Experiential Marketin...


Social media and YouTube have brought about a new age of live marketing stunts and experiential marketing campaigns. Advertisers and marketers have taken advantage of above-mentioned mediums to develop fun, engaging stunt-driven marketing and advertising campaigns – capturing it all … Continue reading

Instagram Announces Advertising


Long devoid of any direct advertising, Instagram has not only become a booming online photo-sharing network with more than 150 million users – but it’s also emerged as an important medium that, because of its lack of ads, fosters creativity … Continue reading

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