Timely Election Tie-Ins Big for Advertisers/Marketers

My affinity for all things 7-Eleven has been well documented here on The Duncan Daily. From the marketing greatness that is 7-Eleven Day to clever promotional tie-ins with entertainment properties like The Simpsons, I might enjoy the company’s advertising and marketing efforts more than their Slurpies (which is near impossible).

Yesterday, the company’s 7-Election coffee cup campaign really caught my eye. The promotion gives patrons the unique opportunity to grab a red or blue cup in support of their favorite presidential candidate. What I really love about the campaign, aside from its obvious relevance and timeliness, is its tongue-in-cheek tone – it is after all, just a cup of coffee (though the company does count cups as votes in participating states). You can’t overlook the aesthetically-pleasing cups too.

*The folks at Adweek have a more detailed write-up here.

USA Today has a great piece looking at a few other fun, election-inspired advertising and marketing campaigns out there right now. Just reading those I’m reminded of one of my all-time presidential race tie-ins, Jack in the Box’s 1996 “Back Jack” campaign. I’ve still got that button.

(H/T Adweek, USA Today)


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