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Three Things Scary Movies Teach Us About Adve...


As I outlined in a previous post, Scary Good Advertising From Horror’s Finest, clichés are commonplace in scary movies, so much so that entire films have been made poking fun at the genre’s tropes  (Scream, Scary Movie, for instance). But instead … Continue reading

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Scary Good Advertising From Horror’s Finest


With Halloween just around the corner I’ve upped my consumption of all horror-related media this week. From Sunday’s glorious episode of The Walking Dead to setting the DVR to record each night of AMC’s Halloween marathon this week, I’m all … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: ‘Wreck-It RalphR...


“Despite nostalgia’s bittersweet rap and the oft-heard advice to live in the moment, studies suggest that the occasional detour down memory lane can give your spirits a significant lift,” says Marina Krakovsky in a 2006 article in Psychology Today. In … Continue reading

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