Morning Announcements: How Advertising Boosts Morale, Creating Long-Form Branded Content & PR/Marketing Secrets from Trader Joe’s

Hot off the Press
When Advertising Boosts Morale [Beyond Mad Ave]
Four Examples of Long-Form Branded Content [Post Advertising]
North Dakota Ad Campaign’s Impact on Tourism [MediaPost]
Three PR & Marketing Secrets from Trader Joe’s [Ragan’s]
A Look at LinkedIn’s New iPad App [Social Times]
Can Twitter Replace the Newswire? [Digiday]
French’s Bold New Mustard Campaign [NY Times]
Advengers: Advertising’s Mightiest Spokespersons [Duncan Daily]

Rejected Stock Photo of the Day
Police officer – “Why am I talking to you again old timey Sherlock Holmes?”
Sherlock Holmes – “I haven’t the slightest idea.”





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